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Hey, I'm Baha!

Having founded Sauvage Real Estate, I, along with my team, would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to you. We want to help you with all your real estate needs; not as a customer, but as a partner, as we are each personally vested into seeing to your utmost satisfaction. We want to be your one-stop solution provider for all of your residential and commercial needs, while also providing avenues into lucrative investment opportunities. Our goal is to combine our knowledge, experience, passion, and skills to help exceed in each of our client's expectations; though, most of all, to exhibit our innate sense of genuine care.

Dallas Market Housing Trends

stay up-to-date on rapidly changing market trends in the Dallas area to help plan the purchase or sale of your home



-2.7% decrease in new listings



0.2% increase in inventory



-2.5% decrease in asking price


Find My Home

Our goal is not just to find you a home but to find you “your home!” We’ll help you along the entire purchasing journey; from evaluating market conditions, to negotiating on your behalf, all the way to delivering your keys.

Sell My Home

We’ll help you get top dollar for your home, while coordinating the entire selling process to ensure that it is a smooth and seamless process.

New Construction

In a highly competitive market, we can help find negotiate and work with the new home builder to get you a home that suits your needs, while being within your budget.


As prices continue to climb, we’re here to help find a home you can lease using our realty’s expansive network.

Apartment Locating

In what feels like an overwhelming experience for many, we can help you and your family an apartment that suits your needs, your location, and your budget.



Duplexes, townhomes, apartment complexes, and condominiums offer great investment opportunities and can be a great wealth-building tool.




A good investment portfolio includes a diverse selection of real estate, including Office buildings. We can help find the right Office properties with solid financial sheets, with both quality classifications and secure lease structures.



Retail spaces, including shopping centers and other bricks-and-mortar properties, have continued to hold bullish opportunities and have emerged as stronger than expected investments post Covid-19 pandemic.




Hotels are a great addition to a diverse investment portfolio, and have many advantages including: high ROIs, tax efficiencies, and offer many value-added possibilities.



Industrial properties are gaining traction in order to support the fast-growing e-commerce demand. This contributes to more expansion and development opportunities for real estate investors.


Land purchases can provide for one of the most stable investments, fitting into both short-term and long-term strategies. We can help find strategic land purchases that are in high demand and in-line for future development.



Short-term rentals are a rapidly growing alternative in the hospitality industry. We can help with the acquisition, startup, and management.

Tax Delinquencies

We can help you find lucrative investment properties via access to our private database of tax delinquent properties.


We can help facilitate finding a group of investment partners and unlocking access to larger investment opportunities through collective ownership and operation.

EB-5 Visa

We can help locate EB-5 projects which enable international investors to gain permanent residence in the United States through investments in qualifying projects.

1031 Exchange

10301 Exchanges provide investors an avenue to multiply their returns and defer capital gains tax on the sale of their real estate investments indefinitely.

What My Clients Are Saying

Baha is absolutely amazing she’s so caring and extremely patient. She genuinely goes out of her way to help you no matter how picky you are if you want someone that cares and to find you a forever home then Baha is who you want to go with.

Mimi Roya

Baha is one of the most driven and ambitious agents I’ve ever seen! Very hard working and handles every client with great care as if it’s her own.

Jasmine F.

I work with Baha as her web designer and graphic designer. In the amount of time that I’ve known her I find her to be one of the most caring, self driven women I have met. She truly does everything in her power to be of service and excel in any project put in front if her. I am honored to be part of her team.

Amy Gallegos

Baha is one of the best real estate agents out there! Fearless leader, very knowledgeable, always puts her clients first when it comes to picking the house of their dreams. First time home buyers, if you are looking to buy your very first home, Baha is the real estate agent for you!


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